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At Sound Waters Training, we offer you a clear path to becoming a certified urine drug specimen collector. Our flexible, affordable, and entirely-virtual course is compliant with all DOT guidelines and a rolling enrollment makes it convenient to schedule your training.

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Urine Specimen Collector


Our "Urine Specimen Collector Course" is the only program that offers a virtual, DOT-compliant course with 5 mock trials built in as part of the course.  Our instructors are trained by attorneys specializing in drug testing authority, ensuring DOT compliance among all course participants. We are committed to the success of our trainees  by providing test kits, CCF forms and speedy certifications as a complimentary service.

Sound Waters Training

  •  3-hour virtual "Urine Drug Specimen  Collector Course"

  • Includes 5 mock trials 

  • Complimentary urine collection kit    and CCF forms 

  • Certificate issued upon  completion

                    $400 per trainee

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